National Accreditation

Model College of Hair Design has been nationally accredited since 1966.

IMG_7300.jpgNationally Accredited schools are recognized by the Department of Education, and are subject to NACCAS standards and criteria.

Why it is important....

Accredited schools are monitored by a recognized non-government agency on behalf of the Dept. of Education.  .

Accredited schools are committed to maintain a high level of education, quality and integrity.

Accreditation is a  requirement for federal financial aid to be offered.

Be Aware....

Non accredited schools are not officially recognized by the Dept. of Education.  They are not subject to teaching standards or accountable for graduation or placement rates.  These schools CANNOT offer you federal funding to pay for school.

To learn more: Contact the Admissions Team at 320-253-4222 ext. 3 or by email

I came to the Model College of Hair Design in January and have been very pleased. I Liked how the school was run and liked the small class size. Instructors are very helpful and make learning fun. - Cassie, Chicago, Illinois

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