St. Cloud, MN

Welcome to the MCOHD Family! We are excited for you to begin your beauty career with us. No matter which program you call yours all four programs have a “Basics” or preclinical phase. During Basics students follow a full-time class schedule and learn the foundation of their training. Students will practice their craft on mannequins and each other to gain confidence.

The following is the time frame for each programs preclinical phase:

Cosmetology: 6-8 weeks (240 hours)
Hair Technology: 7-9 weeks (300 hours)
Esthiology: 3-4 weeks (120 hours)
Nail Technology: 2 weeks (50 hours)

Once the preclinical phase is complete, students will be welcomed to the Clinic Floor. During the clinical floor phase students will grow in their artistry with clients. MCOHD offers client coupons and daily deals encouraging the public to visit our students and be a part of their immersive education. MCOHD graduates accrue two to three times the required minimum services set by Minnesota Law that transitions to students gaining more confidence in their craft working on real people, not mannequins.  

Towards the end of our hands-on education, students will prepare for their Minnesota State Boards Exam and Practical Skills Certification. We prepare our students for their state boards by offering one on one tutoring along with creating accurate testing. Certification is the physical practice of student’s skills. It is proctored on campus with MCOHD instructors, offering students a friendly face and atmosphere. We are proud to hold a 100% licensure statistic.

Graduation is a unique experience for each student. Friends and family are welcome to join as our proud staff announces the completion of their program and offers school peers to share wonderful words of encouragement and friendship on our overhead system. Each student leaves a lasting memory with our staff.