Financial Aid

Financial Aid

For those who qualify.

We believe that every qualified student should be able to obtain an education regardless of financial status. Our financial aid office is available to assist you in determining which sources of financial aid you may qualify for, and to help in the application process. We suggest you begin application procedures at least three months prior to starting school to assure that funds are available. We encourage visiting our campus early.

Steps to complete FAFSA:


2.) Complete form based on the correct school year

3.) Enter Model College of Hair Design school code (009831)

Our Financial Aid will contact you when we receive the form. This usually takes about 5 days after you submit your FASFA. Once we receive your FASFA results we'll work out a flexible payment plan that won't make anyone lose beauty sleep.

Need Help?? Contact our financial aid office weekdays at 320-253-4222 Ext. 103

How much will it cost? Find out by clicking ourĀ Net Price CalculatorĀ 

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